1 Artist, 1 Pinterest board, 124 Paintings

We all make choices when selecting and sharing images on social networking sites. I thought about how these choices define us as individuals, and how this affects our perceptions of people and ourselves. I reviewed the many ‘found’ images I had posted online and when I saw them side by side I became intrigued by the relationship they had to each other. I wanted to take this process a step further and I decided the best way to explore these associations was to paint every picture pinned on my pinterest board and assemble them. After all, if I love these images so much, why don’t I paint them? As well as producing 124 original paintings of various sizes on paper, I am creating prints of the artwork in progress and juxtaposing the individual paintings to construct new compositions. I will be documenting the process online and upon completion, the final original ‘pin board’ paintings will be exhibited as an installation piece titled “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it Paint It”