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If you love
it so much...

We all make choices when selecting and sharing images online sites. I thought about how these choices define us as individuals, and how this affects our perceptions of people and ourselves. My current project ‘If you love it so much, why don’t you Paint It’ is an exploration based on my collection of 124 images saved to my pinterest board. It was important that I would make this piece from subject matter I had not anticipated painting, this spoke directly to my amassing random images solely for the reason that I liked them. Only after seeing them together online did they resonate as a digital self portrait. Through the act of painting I am able to explore identity, ownership and a more personal relationship with each image as it relates to me and how they relate to each other.

The paintings on canvas paper of various sizes must be free to be reassembled in different compositions. The images will not be framed so the paper becomes an integral sculptural element.

A series of digital montage prints from the series was exhibited at Adelaide McDermot Gallery in 2017.

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Digital montage series prints

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I will use an art fabrication company to build the support structure with magnets to hold the 124 original paintings. The paintings must be free to be reassembled in different compositions and the images will not be framed so the paper becomes an integral sculptural element. The support structure will be modular allowing it to be changed or adapted. The installation should be reshaped either over a period of time or in new environments.


What’s next?

See what paintings have been completed, what is ‘on the easel’ and what is  yet to come.

What's next?

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